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Learning and teaching are core Blue Seedling values. Check out our crash courses on Marketing fundamentals, or dive deeper into our in-depth articles filled with tactical advice, tools, and case studies.

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Dive into one (or all) of our crash courses for a helpful introduction to Marketing fundamentals.

Generative AI plays for B2B marketers

How to integrate generative AI into your marketing toolbox to save time and increase productivity

  • Discover creative and fun ways to use generative AI in your day-to-day
  • Create killer content – fast
  • Learn which generative AI technology is the best tool for each of your marketing tasks

DIY marketing for early-stage B2B startups

The longest journey begins with a single step

  • Build your first marketing plan and budget
  • Start marketing even as a (technical) founder
  • Learn how to bring in your first 10 customers

Winning with Content Marketing

Create awesome content that gives your audience real value

  • Produce great content, regardless of budget or team size
  • Create email campaigns that drive measurable results
  • Write FOMO-inducing B2B case studies

Account-Based Marketing and Outbound Email Prospecting

Ramp up your marketing efforts with email prospecting

  • Get started with email prospecting
  • Excel at “spamming”
  • Learn about the most effective B2B marketing email you can send

Building your first B2B marketing team

Create a high-octane marketing squad for your startup

  • Decide if your first hire should be marketing or sales
  • Determine if you should hire an in-house marketer or an agency
  • Learn how to make your first marketing hire

Busting the most common B2B marketing myths

Our takes on some of the most prevalent B2B Marketing misconceptions – and guides on what to do instead

  • Why we don’t believe in online advertising for Enterprise B2B
  • Why you shouldn’t outsource content marketing
  • Why A/B testing is a waste of time

Novel tactics and approaches to demand generation

Check out under-utilized, cost-effective B2B marketing tactics that will lead to a significant competitive advantage, and a major pipeline boost

  • Decide which marketing channels and tactics will best suit your needs
  • Discover the power of partnerships
  • Offer B2B “free samples” to give prospects a taste of your product

Position yourself to win with product marketing

Nail all the components of product marketing that enable noteworthy product launches and increase sales

  • Take a look at your current product messaging and positioning with a fresh set of eyes
  • Revamp your competitive strategy
  • Plan the best-prepared product launch

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