Building your first B2B marketing team

The time has come. You are ready to build your marketing team. Follow this crash course for our guidance on what to do (and what to avoid) as you embark on your hiring journey.

Course Highlights

  • Decide if your first business hire should be Marketing or Sales.
  • Determine if you should hire an in-house marketer or go with an agency.
  • Learn how to make your first Marketing hire.

Start here

Next Steps:

  1. Thought experiment: is the company actually in the correct stage to start building sales and marketing organizations?
  2. Now, consider the practicalities — are you able to hire both a sales person and a marketer?
  3. All right – what’s right for you? An in-house marketer or an agency?
  4. In-house? Perfect! Good luck, and do check out our favorite exercises for evaluating marketing candidates.

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