Generative AI plays for B2B marketers

How can generative AI help you become a better marketer? Dive into our crash course to understand the synergy between marketing and AI. Discover proven techniques for integrating AI technology into your marketing toolbox.

Course Highlights

  • Techniques for using generative AI to create killer content
  • Real-life use cases of how the best B2B marketers use ChatGPT and other generative AI tools
  • Use cases for two key AI solutions: Bard vs ChatGPT

Start here

Next Steps:

  1. Boost creativity: Brainstorm marketing campaign ideas with ChatGPT. Need a suitable name for your next corporate event? Looking for creative merch ideas for your next conference? Decide on the campaign and let AI assist with creative ideas.
  2. Create new content: Use Bard and ChatGPT to craft two new marketing content pieces and analyze the distinct outcomes. Uncover the strengths of each AI tool and determine when and how you prefer to use each one.
  3. Enhance and improve: Share your two new content pieces with a colleague or friend and seek their opinion. Use AI tools for making edits and to perfect your work.

Further Reading