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Blue Seedling is a boutique enterprise B2B marketing agency for high-growth startups looking to rapidly scale a demand generation engine.

Our Team

Working with Blue Seedling is like having the world’s best in-house B2B marketing team at your disposal. We just happen to be an agency.

Our team is based in the US (both coasts) and in Israel, and we understand both sides of the Atlantic. We live and breathe your target market. That Cincinnati-based Fortune 500 e-commerce CMO on your wishlist? We know exactly what she’s reading.

We have deep expertise working with B2B startups (and scaleups) across verticals. We specialize in learning new verticals and products in record time, and creating content that reads like the CEO wrote it (if the CEO knew how to write). Real-time, Kafka-based data streaming? We got it.

Our team brings together diverse backgrounds and experiences including Amazon, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, five spoken languages, running marathons, and producing podcasts.

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Our Values

Radiate and nurture excellence.

We strive to be the best at everything we do. Life’s too short for mediocrity.

We believe in life-long learning, teaching, and growth, personally and as a company. Our field mandates it, and we as individuals love it.

Blue Seedling happily funds team member expenses related to learning and growth.

Think positive. Think, I got this.

Our clients are doing incredibly hard things. They are trying to change the world. We don’t knock down ideas; we brainstorm on how to problem-solve and get things done.

Anyone can point out problems. We come with solutions.

Problem-solving mindset. No whining, complaining, blaming, snarkiness, or sarcasm.

Celebrate wins and liberally share credit.

Take ownership; be accountable.

We do what we said we’d do, when we said we’d do it.

We show up two minutes early.

We give peace of mind. We’re the rare exception to “trust, but verify.”

Communication is key. We over-communicate in good and bad times.

Have fun.

Life’s too short for anything else.

We care about each other and our lives outside of Blue Seedling.

We work and play, sometimes together.

Featured Team Members

Netta Kivilis

Founder and CEO

Marketing superpowers: Strategic planning, integrated marketing campaigns, solving problems

Home Base: Tel Aviv/New York

Contrarian belief: Why paid online marketing doesn’t work for enterprise B2B startups (and what to do instead)

Jordan Elkind

Managing Director

Marketing superpowers: Product marketing, content marketing, positioning & messaging

Home Base: Columbus, OH

Contrarian belief: Why I don’t believe in outsourcing content creation (and what to do instead)

Lauren Glover

Director of Marketing

Marketing superpowers: Content strategy, media production, writing and editing

Home Base: Brooklyn, NY

Contrarian belief: Introducing “The Reader,” the most effective B2B marketing email you can send

Tim Jung

Marketing Manager

Marketing superpowers: Email marketing, vendor management

Home Base: San Diego, CA

Contrarian belief: These aren’t the droids you’re looking for: How to get past bots and understand the actual performance of your email campaigns

Erez Dafnai

Director of Marketing

Marketing superpowers: Prospecting and list building, marketing operations

Home Base: Tel Aviv

Contrarian belief: How to get (almost) everything done with Upwork – Our guide

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We’re always looking for passionate self-starters to join the Blue Seedling team.

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