Astrix had two goals in working with Blue Seedling: they wanted to finetune their positioning and messaging, and they wanted to launch out of stealth with demand generation infrastructure in place. With only two months before their launch, Blue Seeding quickly got up to speed on Astrix’s product and industry.



Blue Seedling and Astrix defined their positioning and messaging. After a 1-day Blue Seedling workshop, Astrix walked away with a clear and defined positioning and messaging strategy.

Launching out of stealth

With Blue Seedling’s years of experience, resources, templates, and tried-and-true playbook for coming out-of-stealth campaigns, Astrix made a noteworthy debut as they exited stealth mode with:

A complete market-facing brand presence, including:

  • Website
    • Blue Seedling wrote the copy and facilitated the design.

Marketing infrastructure in place, including:

The results

In February 2022, Astrix made a splash as they exited stealth mode with a well-planned launch campaign, resulting in a new website, a successful launch, a healthy pipeline of leads, and industrywide recognition. And a year later, Astrix continues to thrive, securing a coveted spot on the RSA 2023 Innovation Sandbox.