Following a successful launch and initial growth period, Bringoz was looking to quickly increase their foothold in the US market. Their aim was to build on their previous success in the grocery delivery vertical and expand into other retail verticals where affordable and hassle-free optimization of logistical infrastructure represented an enticing value proposition.


Prior to the Blue Seedling engagement, Bringoz built up and maintained a small-scale marketing channel, including an active blog with industry insights and case studies, monthly email newsletters sent to the contact list, and proactive efforts to connect with potential customers.

However, their attempts to scale up marketing and increase growth in the US market were faced with numerous challenges:

  • Bringoz’s marketing team was small (consisting of a single junior marketer) with limited capacity
  • The ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and value proposition needed to be polished
  • There was no in-house knowledge on implementing ABM, and prospecting campaigns in particular


Blue Seedling’s engagement started with zeroing-in on Bringoz’s ICP and crafting messaging to address them throughout a multi-staged email prospecting drip campaign. This campaign was designed to reach new groups of contacts each week, with prospecting emails being sent daily. Blue Seedling worked in tandem with Bringoz’s in-house marketer to clean-up and qualify previously acquired contact lists, set up email automation, perform A/B testing, and closely monitor responses and metrics, which in turn led to iterative changes in messaging and copy.


Within the first few weeks and throughout this engagement, the prospecting campaign created multiple sales opportunities, and overall email engagement metrics improved steadily. At the end of Blue Seedling’s engagement, Bringoz was fully equipped to continue its marketing efforts, expanding into additional territories and verticals, while building off the foundation Blue Seedling had laid down.