From stealth to splash:
Launch your startup in a flash

Be launch-ready in record time – including a striking website, world-class sales collateral, and winning positioning.

Proven playbooks + experienced experts = successful launches

You’re preparing to go out of stealth. Your launch campaign needs to be splashy, create brand awareness, kickstart demand generation, and be a fun celebration for your team.

Everything you need for your launch campaign to succeed – unique positioning, tight messaging, flashy launch announcement, a dazzling website, full coverage of essential marketing channels, and effective sales collateral – we’ve done it many times, and we can do it for you.

  • Across industries

    Blue Seedling has guided early-stage startups from stealth to launch across every segment of the tech landscape

    • Cybersecurity
    • B2D / DevOps
    • Martech
    • Fintech
    • Healthtech
  • Ridiculous time-to-value

    We get deadlines, and we hit the ground running. Our proven process will take you from nothing to launch-ready in just 12 weeks.

“The Blue Seedling team helped us tremendously with our marketing strategy and execution on all fronts, including leading the launch of our product with great success. They also helped us with product and strategy. They’re an invaluable asset for every B2B company.”
Efrat Rapoport
Co-founder & CEO, Bonobo AI | current Head of Salesforce Israel R&D Center

How we do it

Our process is tried and true, and whether you’re trying to launch in time for a major conference or a critical deadline, we’ll hit the ground running.

Our battle-tested process:

  • Weeks 1-2

    Becoming experts in your product and market. Interviews with your executive leadership team, customers, and investors.

  • Weeks 3-4

    In-person positioning workshop with your core team. Nailing your positioning and key messages.

  • Weeks 5-8

    Developing and refining key materials:

    • Funding announcement / press release
    • Website copy
    • Tagline
    • Sales deck
    • 1-pager / product datasheet
  • Weeks 8-11

    Marketing activity and infrastructure set up for key channels:

    • Website
    • Blog
    • Social
    • Email
    • Sales process
    • PR
  • Week 12

    Final preparations and execution for your successful launch!

What you get:

  • Your complete positioning packet
    (narrative, positioning statement, “about us” text)
  • New website and resources
    (e.g. blog posts, 1-pagers, ebooks, “in the news” for your launch PR)
  • Marketing content to make your launch a hit
    (press release / funding announcement, email, social media)
  • Sales presentation
    (and other sales collateral)
  • The foundation for future marketing campaigns
    (marketing database, martech infrastructure, newsletters)
“From day one, Blue Seedling managed to extract the thoughts and information out of the management team and founders and turn them into strategy, positioning and messaging, which were and are solid building blocks for our marketing materials, website and the launch of our product.”
Nevo Alva
Co-Founder & CEO,

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