The Whole Story

COVID-19 presented Hysolate with a challenging go-to-market landscape: in-person conferences and events, which drove a significant portion of their new Sales opportunities, were no longer happening, and the company had to find viable alternatives by investing in other marketing channels. On the other hand, the “side effects” of COVID-19, namely remote work and accelerated digital transformation, created exciting product opportunities for Hysolate.

Hysolate wanted to bring a new product to market quickly to address product opportunities created by COVID-19, and figure out an updated go-to-market strategy to hit its growth goals.

Hysolate engaged Blue Seedling’s Netta Kivilis who served as acting VP Marketing, owning all marketing activities: from budgeting and planning, through managing the in-house marketing team and external resources, to partnering with Sales, Product, and Customer Success, and participating in board meetings. During the short engagement, Netta got up to speed quickly, launched several new demand generation campaigns based on ABM and virtual events, and ran a leadership positioning and messaging workshop for the new product.

Following the engagement, with the return of an in-house marketing leader, Hysolate launched its new product offering as planned, and continued to expand worldwide.