Moving up the growth ladder

In their first phase of growth, IONIX was propelled to success with their unique attack surface management (ASM) solution. They offered a key differentiator by focusing not only on digital assets that companies were directly connected to, but also indirectly connected to via digital supply chains. 

As more competitors began to also focus their offerings on this category of ASM, IONIX decided to invigorate the brand – both the look and feel and their positioning and messaging. The goal was to further differentiate themselves for their next stage of growth. With a tight deadline of launching in time for RSA in just 8 weeks, IONIX brought on Blue Seedling due to our demonstrated expertise and experience delivering real time-to-value.

How we did it

We followed our tried-and-true positioning and messaging playbook, tailored for IONIX: 

  • Market research and interviews with key stakeholders
  • An in-person positioning workshop
  • Intensive, reiterative work in the following weeks to perfect your new positioning and messaging

Following primary and secondary research, a 1-day in-person workshop in Tel Aviv, and 4 weeks of iterations, IONIX’s updated positioning and messaging is a strong reflection of their differentiation and business value. Blue Seedling also created new marketing and sales collateral, including a new website, in time for a splashy launch at RSA.

The result

IONIX revealed their updated brand at RSA with huge success. The new messaging landed in the market and their unique differentiator helped them stand out, setting IONIX up for the next stage of growth as the winner of their category.