Webinar: 14 ways our team uses ChatGPT every day + the secret to happiness

ChatGPT has taken the marketing world by storm, and Blue Seedling is no exception. But while it can seem almost magical, it does require some finesse to use ChatGPT effectively for marketing tasks. 

Our recent webinar shares some of the most efficient and productive ways that marketers can utilize this generative AI tool – with 14 specific examples of how we’ve been using ChatGPT, and other tools like it, to be better marketers.

If you missed the live session, check out the recording here:

Beyond ChatGPT 101

By now, most people have some familiarity with ChatGPT along with mixed feelings – and outcomes. But we’ve found ways to use ChatGPT that have given us stellar results. Here are some of our favorites:

Event planning 

Use ChatGPT to plan your next event. It can help you pick your venue, brainstorm themes, and even come up with clever cocktail names that can take your event to the next level – tasks and extra touches that might otherwise be too time-consuming to think through.

You can check out the full ChatGPT conversation here.

💡Pro tip: Don’t start a new chat every time you have a task for ChatGPT related to the same event/project. Keep the “rolling conversation” going and come back for “spin offs.” Landing page copy, social copy, follow-up emails and more can all come from one conversation without having to reintroduce ChatGPT to all the details.


Save time searching for conferences to attend or deepening knowledge on complex topics. 

ChatGPT can even format your research into tables for you. Ask for columns including number, name, URL, and description (or whatever you need) and ChatGPT can deliver perfectly formatted data to present vs. a text heavy blob.

Find the full conversation here.

A quick note about the newest gen AI kid on the block: Claude by Anthropic has initially shown better results when asked to do a similar task of researching industry conferences and putting them in a preferred format, like a table. This may be because ChatGPT is only current up to 2021, and Claude’s knowledge-base cut off is early 2023, so it has access to more up-to-date information. It’s too early to say who’s winning yet, but it’s exciting to see ChatGPT being challenged by newcomers to become better, faster.

Derivative content

Writing a webinar recap for the blog? Spend minutes instead of hours with our formula:

  1. Send the recording to yourself on Slack. Slack will automatically transcribe the video for you and you can download the transcript.
  2. Feed the transcript to ChatGPT and ask it to write a blog post for you.
  3. Edit.
  4. Post.
  5. Relax! 😎

Creating new content 

While ChatGPT still requires human supervision for full content creation, it can be an amazing “co-pilot” in the process. We use it to:

  • Generate titles. ChatGPT can come up with seemingly endless options. Keep prompting it with feedback until you get what you’re looking for.
  • Write testimonials. ChatGPT has no shame about singing your praises, though it might take a few tries to get the tone just right. 
  • Writing hooks/outlines. Give ChatGPT your concept and let it whip up an outline.
    • 💡Pro tip: Ask ChatGPT for an outline, make edits, and then feed it back to ChatGPT and ask it to write the post for you based on the revised outline.

Write better & faster 

Use ChatGPT as your very own on-demand editor to improve your writing. Our formula:

  1. Write a very rough draft or outline.
  2. Give it to ChatGPT and ask pointed questions to improve the piece, like:
    1. Are there any grammar/typo fixes needed?
    2. How can I make this section more concise?
    3. What changes would make this copy more engaging for [insert audience here]?
  3. Be sure to ask for a list of everything ChatGPT changes. That way, you can be sure you don’t miss any change you might not agree with and learn from the ones you do agree with.

With your editor now on call 24/7 for instant feedback, you can engage with your writing in a whole new way. And by using ChatGPT like this, you might just find that instead of feeling like AI is going to replace you as a writer, it can help you become a better one. 

For more details and all the ways we get the most out of ChatGPT – plus, as promised, the secret to happiness – watch the webinar.

The bottom line

ChatGPT and similar tools can be a powerful tool for marketers – if you know how to take full advantage of their capabilities. In fact, ChatGPT wrote most of this blog post. 😉

If you want to take your ChatGPT usage to the next level, check out our GenAI for marketing crash course.

Annie Clymer is the Operations Manager at Blue Seedling and is usually found with a book, knitting needles, or a paintbrush within reach.

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