Account-Based Marketing and Outbound Email Prospecting

Email marketing is an effective, cost-efficient B2B marketing channel. Take this crash course to learn the basics of outbound email prospecting, and launch your first campaigns.

Course Highlights

  • Get started with email prospecting, the right way
  • Create “spam*” that works (* it’s not really spam)
  • Build “The Reader” – the most effective B2B email marketing program

Start here

Next Steps:

  1. Define your ICP (ideal customer profile). Now. Everything else will build up on this.
  2. Build your first lead database, matching your ICP.
  3. Write your first “Reader” — actively search for content that will be relevant and useful for your audience. (You’re probably already doing this.)
  4. Plan a short and sweet email prospecting sequence that follows up on your Reader and aims for a call or demo on your calendar.

Further Reading