DIY marketing for early-stage B2B startups

You started with a great idea, put together a small team, and built an amazing MVP (minimum viable product). You raised some money, called everyone you know, and put the product in the hands of your first customers. Now it’s time to scale up — with the help of a Do-It-Yourself marketing machine.

We know taking your first steps in marketing can feel daunting. Follow this crash course to learn the building blocks for marketing success — and how to get started today.

Course Highlights

  • Build your first marketing plan and budget
  • Figure out a marketing strategy that works
  • Learn how and why you should bring in your first 10 customers yourself
  • Be on your way to building a marketing machine

Start here

Next Steps:

  1. Download the marketing plan spreadsheet.
  2. Start strategizing and build your plan— think about the resources available to you, the actions you’d like to take, and, most importantly, your measurable goals.
  3. Be ready to iterate on this several times, and then keep a very close eye on plan vs. reality as you begin executing.

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