Novel tactics and approaches to demand generation

Forget LinkedIn and Google. You already know and use these channels — and so does everyone else. This course is all about under-utilized, cost-effective B2B marketing tactics that will lead to a significant competitive advantage, and a major pipeline boost.

Course Highlights

  • Decide which marketing channels and tactics will best suit your needs
  • Make your email campaigns more effective by growing your pipeline
  • Discover the power of partnerships
  • Offer B2B “free samples” to give prospects a taste of your product

Start here

Next Steps:

  1. Make a list of new viable marketing tactics (Hint: Check out the table in Step 1)
  2. Expand your marketing database
  3. Build a list of like-minded companies who can serve as partners in a joint campaign
  4. Brainstorm ways to offer “free samples” to potential customers