The Challenge

Stravito is a Stockholm-based insights management scale-up selling to global enterprises — with an impressive customer list, including McDonald’s, AT&T, La-Z-Boy, Danone, and more. To meet their ambitious pipeline goals, Stravito engaged Blue Seedling to lead and execute a database augmentation and email marketing initiative. The goal was to increase coverage of their ICP audience (with a focus on the US market), as well as set up processes for continuous database growth & maintenance.

Blue Seedling began an additional engagement — our B2B marketing team offering — with Stravito’s marketing team to scale demand generation efforts after the database augmentation process was completed.

The Playbooks

Building the Marketing Database

Using our tried-and-true database-building playbooks (read more here and here) as a foundation, Blue Seedling formulated a tailored plan that would best suit Stravito’s goals, ICP, and resources available. As a result, we increased the number of ICP contacts by 3x.

Warming Up the Leads 

Once the database project was complete, Blue Seedling used our email prospecting playbook to draft a “warm up” sequence of emails to send to the new contacts. The goals of this sequence were to:

  1. Provide real value to the audience in terms of industry news, thought leadership, and acknowledgment of their common pain points
  2. Introduce the new audience to Stravito’s product and sales pitch
  3. Ultimately drive the audience toward setting up a product demo

When the sequence ended, the new leads were enrolled in the cadence of regular marketing emails — a “reader-style” newsletter, event invites, product launch announcements, and more.

The Results 

The warm-up email sequence succeeded beyond Stravito’s expectations and led to 10 demo requests from email in a single week — Stravito’s best week ever for email marketing and a stellar performance for B2B scaleups selling to global enterprises.

The team also received a number of positive email responses from the new ICP contacts:

“I usually just click delete as most of these emails aren’t relevant to me/my organisation but I wanted to let you know that your email did catch my eye. The insight reads you have provided are relevant to my job so I will read them.”

“This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing it with me.”

“Thanks for these links. I read through each of them. We can chat one day if you’d like?”

“Thank you for sharing – I particularly found the industry report useful.”

“Good marketing! Shall we talk for 30 mins?”

While this early success is promising, we believe the best is yet to come for Stravito’s database augmentation and email prospecting program. Investing in their ICP database and setting up crucial email infrastructure will be the gift that keeps on giving Sales Opportunities for quarters (if not years) to come.

Want to learn more about database augmentation & email prospecting? Check out our recent webinar with Stravito here.