Your 2023 marketing toolkit

To ensure your 2023 kicks off successfully, we’ve compiled a marketing toolkit with a selection of our best 2022 posts.

Planning for 2023

A successful year begins months before January 1 with good strategic planning. Start strong with our take on what’s working in enterprise B2B marketing right now, and explore the idea that perhaps parts of your strategy – like your content strategy, for example – need a reboot.

Facing sky-high ARR expectations from leadership, investors, or the board? Take our latest crash course and try these novel tactics and approaches to demand generation (including ways to hit your goal without generating new demand)

Bonus: These tried and tested demand generation playbooks that we shared at our workshop with F2 Venture Capital continue to be reliable marketing tactics.

Winning with product marketing

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on the foundation of marketing – your product marketing. Take some time to conduct market research, review industry trends, and update your competitive landscape. Make sure your brand differentiators still stand strong despite new market entrants, and get ready to say “no” to any initiatives that dilute your positioning.

For more product marketing best practices, take our crash course.

Creating the right channel mix

Video is all the rage right now, and in B2B marketing, explainer videos are an important tool. Check out how the best basketball team of all time can be the guide to creating a great explainer video, and read up on the most common mistakes that marketing teams make in doing so.

Partnerships are a timeless marketing tactic that can accelerate your growth – as long as you know how to avoid the main pitfalls.

Finally, in-person conferences are back, and they’re more effective than ever! Take a moment to go back to the basics on how to make in-person interactions count and invest some time on this guide for successful in-person trade show appearances.

Investing in the future with an all-star team

None of this would be possible without great talent and great leadership. If you’re planning on hiring a CMO, keep these tips in mind. Not sure if your current CMO is working out? These are 10 signs that your gut feeling is probably right.

The team is just as important – if not more important – than the marketing leader, so invest some time in hiring and growing great talent. (At Blue Seedling, we implemented the OKR tracking system this year for exactly that reason!) Here is our guide for product marketers, who are a crucial part of any enterprise B2B marketing (or product!) team.

The bottom line

A combination of reliable playbooks and on-trend campaigns is the key to your marketing success in 2023 – and onwards. With this toolkit, you’ll be well on your way. 

Esther is a Sr. Marketing Manager at Blue Seedling. She is also a serial traveler, self-proclaimed foodie, and list addict.

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