Blue Seedling + F2: Winning with Marketing for Enterprise B2B founders

We recently had the pleasure of meeting with F2 Venture Capital portfolio founders to share recent marketing success stories. Our presentation showcased three high-impact marketing campaigns that are particularly adaptable to the unpredictability of our current era. 

Check out three highlights from our presentation in the videos below. The tl;dr? Giving well-researched, valuable content to your audience is an evergreen strategy for marketing success —  and the key to creating it is often right under your nose (in the form of client stories, industry news, and proprietary data).

Special thanks to Maor Fridman, Yaffa Abadi, and the rest of the team at F2 for the opportunity to partner — and for giving more #powertofounders.

Data journalism and hacking PR

If you are a B2B startup that collects any type of data, you are likely sitting on a treasure trove of marketing success: your own proprietary data. Time and again, we’ve seen startups attract a lot of attention by repackaging their own data into market research reports, trend forecasting, industry insights, and more. We call this type of content data journalism, and it’s one of our favorite types of marketing. 

This video highlights some of our favorite data journalism success stories and explains how that magic can be replicable at almost any startup — whether it’s digital publishing, marketing analytics, or FinTech.

Webinars — they’re here to stay

Earlier this year, we produced a webinar for a fintech scaleup. The result? 700+ registrants, 300+ attendees, 15 Sales Opportunities, and, most importantly, a bunch of new closed deals. Check out this case study to see what we did (and what you can do) to pull a high-ROI rabbit out of the ordinary webinar hat.

You can also read our full playbook on webinars here.

The most effective B2B marketing email you can send

Staying top-of-mind without annoying your prospects can be a tricky balancing act. Luckily, we’ve mastered this with our newsletter best practices, which are based in industry research and domain knowledge that your founding team likely already has. In this video, we discuss one of the best types of newsletters you can start to build as early as…right now. Plus, watch to the end for a bonus section on content ideas for your first newsletter.

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