Meet Senior Marketing Manager, Esther Han

This post is a part of our Meet Our Marketers series, highlighting the unique stories, experiences, and personalities that make up Blue Seedling, where we’ve been remote, flexible, and people-first since day 1. 💫

Esther joined the team in late 2022. After an incredible year of learning, growing, delivering results – and having fun – Esther went from being a marketing manager to an engagement lead and people manager, leading client calls, interfacing with CEOs, building marketing budgets and strategy. 

In her first year with Blue Seedling Esther traveled to Tel Aviv where she visited two clients, participated in her first trade show, and toured Jerusalem. She later took six weeks off to get married in Korea and honeymoon in Japan, produced a 🔥 Blue Seedling ChatGPT webinar, met the rest of the team in NYC at our offsite, and so much more.

Check out our interview with her below.

What’s it like working with Blue Seedling? 
Every day is different, which is a really cool part about working at Blue Seedling. Some days, it will be mostly meetings with different clients from 3 different industries. Other days, I focus on copywriting, copyediting, and QAing work that’s about to go live. But either way, it will always be some combination of collaborating with smart people to make some awesome marketing happen.

What’s your favorite part?
The people! Without the people at Blue Seedling, we wouldn’t have all the best parts of working here – the strive for excellence, support to succeed, and flexibility for balance. 

Plus, one of our values is “Have fun” – which is sometimes (most often, in my personal life philosophy) the key to success. When you’re enjoying what you’re doing, and you believe in the vision, it’s easy to give 110% to it – meaning the outcomes will reflect that hard work and effort. Plus, as our website states, “Life’s too short for anything else”!

Also, the opportunity to work remote and set up a working environment that’s most conducive to my success. For example, I hate fluorescent lights and I always prefer to have the window slightly open. Not always possible at an office where we’re sharing a space with others! 

Do you have a favorite place to work since you’re not bound to the office?
My favorite place to work is definitely at a cafe – I love the vibe of a working cafe where everyone is concentrated on their work, plus I am a coffee and baked goods addict. But I can’t work long at a cafe because I’m not as productive without my dual screen set up. 🙂 

What do you enjoy most about B2B marketing? Anything you find challenging?
It kind of answers both questions, but the longer sales cycles – it bodes for a longer time to reward, but it’s a bigger payoff when the marketing leads to big value sales!

Fun facts & favorites

Favorite Blue Seedling memory:
Visiting Tel Aviv for the first time in general – but particularly the first night, meeting our Israeli team members and being fed real hummus for the first time (delicious!).

Fun fact:
I can teach someone to read and write Korean in an hour – even though they wouldn’t understand what they’re reading or writing.

Favorite movie:
Spirited Away, an animated Ghibli Studio movie about a girl who goes on a journey to the spirit world and learns to work hard, appreciate others, and stay true to herself. Iykyk!

Best travel story:
During a trip to the Philippines with my now-husband, we stumbled upon a small place to eat while looking for a place for dinner. As soon as we sat down at a table outside that they gestured to, the couple who seemed to be the owners served us some rice with meat and vegetables although we hadn’t ordered yet. Only when we asked for some beer and they sent their daughter to go get some at a convenience store did we realize that we had crashed a local family’s dinner – and not just a dinner, but a birthday party for one of their family members. They were so welcoming though and we ended up eating, drinking, and even singing karaoke with them in their living room.

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Annie Clymer is the Operations Manager at Blue Seedling and is usually found with a book, knitting needles, or a paintbrush within reach.

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