Team Blue Seedling takes NYC: A week of innovation, connection, and inspiration

In August 2023, our entire team flew in from all over the country – and really, the world – to meet in Manhattan for almost a week of work, networking, team building, and lots of great food.

Here are a few takeaways (and photos!) from the week.

Our four-hour generative AI marketing hackathon was equally delightful and painful.

I’m all in on GenAI for B2B marketing, but the tools are simply not there yet. Can’t wait to see startups launching real products in this space soon. Here are more of my thoughts about the hackathon and the current state of GenAI for marketers.

Nothing beats in-person interaction; it just doesn’t have to be daily, at an office.

Our team excels at collaborating remotely 90% of the time, and making the most of the 10% we meet. Being fully remote helps us attract amazing talent, who cannot imagine going back to the office (🤯).

NYC is ON.

Our 70-person founder event, delicious meals, and just the city’s general buzz, showed us that the tech scene is as lively as ever (even in mid-August).

People are everything.

I’m so grateful to work with the world’s best B2B marketing team (+ pretty cool humans) every day. 💙 (By the way, we’re hiring).

Thanks to everyone who made the trip (from San Diego, South Africa, Ohio, and Israel), and see you soon – remotely or in-person.

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Netta is the founder and CEO of Blue Seedling. She loves third wave coffee, thin crust pizza, and B2B marketing.

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