Launching out of stealth: Astrix and Blue Seedling

Astrix is an Israeli cybersecurity startup that offers cloud-first businesses a secure way to manage third-party integrations and protect against service supply chain attacks. In 2022, they partnered with Blue Seedling to help them launch out of stealth. 

There were two main goals for this partnership – refining Astrix’s messaging and positioning and establishing their demand generation infrastructure – with only two months before launch. Despite the tight timeline, Blue Seedling quickly familiarized themselves with Astrix’s highly technical cybersecurity product and industry.

The collaboration began with a one-day messaging and positioning workshop, where Blue Seedling helped Astrix craft their brand messaging and establish their market positioning. After the workshop, Blue Seedling assisted Astrix in launching out of stealth by creating a complete market-facing brand presence, including a website, and setting up their marketing infrastructure, such as email marketing databases, tech stack, and more

“Blue Seedling truly felt like a part of our team, not an agency. They quickly learned our highly technical cybersecurity product and executed our campaign for coming out of stealth in record time, doing a phenomenal job with our messaging, website, and press coverage. We made a lot of noise in the media and with sales prospects, all thanks to the team’s work.

The team is very smart, experienced, and fun – and I highly recommend working with them to solve your marketing needs quickly.”

– Alon Jackson, Co-Founder & CEO, Astrix

The results were impressive: Astrix made a notable debut as they exited stealth mode, resulting in a successful launch and industry-wide recognition. Most recently, Astrix was named a finalist in the RSA 2023 Innovation Sandbox.

Read the full case study to learn more about how Astrix made a splash launching out of stealth with the help of Blue Seedling.

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Annie Clymer is the Operations Manager at Blue Seedling and is usually found with a book, knitting needles, or a paintbrush within reach.

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