Webinar: Winning B2B marketing plays for 2023, featuring how real marketers use ChatGPT

We recently hosted a webinar to help marketers and early-stage B2B startup founders plan their next marketing initiatives. We shared unique B2B marketing plays based on our experience working with top startups – and, of course, our new marketing intern, ChatGPT.

Here are our four winning B2B marketing plays for 2023. You can also watch the full webinar recording here.

2023 Winning B2B marketing plan #1: Make your own holiday (MYOH) 

Ever heard of Clean Your Refrigerator Day? (It’s on November 15.) Creating a new holiday that’s tailored for your brand can lead to increased brand awareness and demand generation. For example, our client Zero Networks created Microsegmentation Day – with a dedicated website and interactive experiences – that led to dozens of demo requests.

2023 Winning B2B marketing plan #2: Thought leadership for the win

The webinar covered how startups can rack up social proof without asking customers to put their names on the line. Tap into investors, advisors, and founders’ networks, and frame the ask to customers as an opportunity for their leaders to be on the thought leadership pedestal (as opposed to a case study or testimonial).

2023 Winning B2B marketing plan #3: B2B marketing… memes? 

The power of humor in building brand loyalty and community is not to be ignored. By using memes, the universal language of the internet, companies can connect with their audience in a relatable and entertaining way. We’ve seen time and again how incorporating memes into a client’s social and email communications leads to positive responses and increased brand loyalty. During the webinar, we invited the audience to participate in a competition and create memes together, and handed out prizes to the winners! 

And here are the winning memes, created by our webinar’s participants: 

2023 Winning B2B marketing plan #4: ChatGPT marketing 101  

Finally, we discussed the hottest topic on every marketer’s mind – ChatGPT – and shared real-life, non-hype ways marketers can use it as a daily tool, including:

  • Brainstorming and ideation
  • Internal communication: weekly marketing update emails
  • Writing assistant: translating different mediums into blog posts
  • Blog post (and other) titles
  • Writing / making us write what we otherwise wouldn’t have

Webinar Speakers:

  • Netta Kivilis, Founder and CEO, Blue Seedling
  • Esther Han, Marketing Manager at Blue Seedling
  • Roni Livneh, Marketing Manager at Blue Seedling.

Watch the full webinar recording here.

Roni Livneh is a marketing manager with a passion for project management. When she's not crafting campaigns, you can find her running, reading fiction, or exploring a new city.

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