WEBINAR: Marketing fundamentals for right now

Times may be tough right now, but as we’ve already mentioned, cutting marketing won’t make things better for your startup. It’s time to get scrappy, invest in your marketing foundation, and create new ways to reach (and keep) your audience.

On April 22, we hosted an interactive webinar to help marketers and early-stage founders plan their next moves and build marketing initiatives that will be beneficial now and post-corona. Through the lens of one technical founder’s story, we showed how to build a successful marketing engine from scratch — starting today. Watch the full webinar recording & get the webinar material at the bottom of the post.

What We Shared

  • The tools and tactics for identifying your audience’s needs, building a mailing list, and creating valuable content
  • Things you can do to start building your marketing engine right now


  • Netta Kivilis, Founder and CEO, Blue Seedling
  • El-ad David Amir, CEO and Co-founder, Astrolabe Diagnostics

Here’s the complete webinar recording:

And for more hands-on materials: check out the presentation slides + our worksheet to help apply the webinar’s playbooks to your marketing operation.

Lauren is Blue Seedling's Managing Director. She is obsessed with all things content: from blog posts and podcasts to 15-second dance videos.

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