The power of coaching: the Granulate and Blue Seedling partnership

Granulate, an Israel-based startup that offers AI-optimized cloud infrastructure, was actively working on building out a world-class in-house marketing team, but they didn’t want to wait until that was done and delay hitting their aggressive growth goals. That’s where Blue Seedling’s marketing coaching services came in.

In 2021, the VP of Product and Product Manager at Granulate owned all things marketing while the company was building their in-house marketing team. They didn’t want to waste time, but they also knew what they didn’t know and decided that having an experienced marketer by their side to coach them on the what and the how of marketing was exactly what they needed to accelerate time to results. 

With Blue Seedling’s CEO, Netta Kivilis, acting as their marketing coach, Granulate gained access to our rich database of resources, vendor networks, guides, proven playbooks and years of experience. Through a series of once-a-week, hour-long Zoom meetings with Netta over the course of just a few months, Granulate achieved significant results in increasing demand generation, creating content and email calendars, conference preparation, and more. And in March of 2022, all of Granulate’s efforts paid off when they were acquired by Intel for $650M.

Netta helped us make the most of our very minimal marketing resources, and the results speak for themselves.

Noam Salinger
Product Manager, Granulate

To learn more about what our marketing coaching services did for Granulate, read the full case study here.

If you have marketing resources in place, but you’d still like some “adult supervision” — an experienced marketing executive coaching you on the what and the how Blue Seedling can help.

Annie Clymer is the Operations Manager at Blue Seedling and is usually found with a book, knitting needles, or a paintbrush within reach.

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