GenAI for Social Media: How to get to 5x posts a week on LinkedIn (without the burnout)

But I don’t want a computer writing my social copy! 

We hear you. The idea of automating what is likely your company’s first touchpoint with prospects is scary, even in 2024, when AI has become a household concept. But trust us, you’re not just passing the reins off to ChatGPT. Using GenAI for social – we actually recommend Claude for this particular use case – is all about coaching the AI to work with you.

So why GenAI for social?

  • Consistency – easily maintain brand voice, tone, & messaging 
  • Scaling – post more, faster
  • Inspiring – two “brains” are better than one
  • Optimized – analyze post performance and refine AI guidelines

Here’s our 3-step process to getting Claude to draft your social media posts:

1 – Repurpose what you already have. Create a document with at least 20 – 30 of your company’s social posts. We use a simple table that has one column for the focus of the post, and another column for the actual copy.If you’re lucky, you already have something like this. If not, it only takes a few minutes to go back, and copy + paste older posts into a doc. If you don’t have any social posts, “feed” the AI anything you’ve got that will help it learn your brand’s unique tone of voice and key differentiators – website copy, one-pagers, press blurbs, etc.

Download it as a PDF and then upload it to the AI. Then, ask it to analyze your document for style, tone, and voice to make sure you and the AI are on the same page.

2 – Review and refine. Even with your “style guide,” the AI won’t get it right on the first go-around. Be ready to review and refine the first few outputs – Claude’s draft on the top, and the final product below:

3 – Scale! This is where the AI really shines. Once you’re in lockstep with the AI, you can ask it to crank out a whole bank of posts. These can be especially effective for sharing with multiple team members at your company, or saving for a rainy day, when your content pipeline is looking thin. 

Bonus – do it with CustomGPTs too!

CustomGPTs have made the savvy marketer’s job that much easier. At the time of our first using GenAI to craft social posts, Claude was the only tool that allowed you to upload full PDFs – making it the perfect implement for these style guides. Now, with CustomGPTs, you can tailor a GenAI tool to your company’s needs. 

After adding custom instructions for our template “B2B Social” CustomGPT, we got an output similar to what Claude came up with using our style guide:

The bottom line

When it comes to “quality over quantity”, we say, “why not both?” With GenAI tools becoming more powerful every day, you don’t have to choose. And when it comes to social media, the full court press approach can be wildly effective. 

For a detailed walkthrough of this method, and other quick playbooks for making GenAI tools work for you, watch our latest webinar.

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Annie Clymer is the Operations Manager at Blue Seedling and is usually found with a book, knitting needles, or a paintbrush within reach.

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