Blue Seedling + Mensch VC: Winning with Marketing for Early-Stage B2B Founders

We recently teamed up with Mensch Venture Capital portfolio founders to discuss some tried-and-true strategies for winning at marketing — using resources most early-stage companies already have at their disposal.

Our workshop showcased multiple marketing campaign success stories that are replicable across any industry. All of them have one evergreen theme in common: providing your audience with beneficial, useful, and unique content is essential to marketing success.

Check out some noteworthy moments from our presentation in the videos below. 

Huge thanks to Boaz Shedletsky and the rest of the Mensch team for a great partnership opportunity.

How to hack PR using data journalism

Do you collect data as part of your business? If so, you’re definitely sitting on a gold mine in the form of your own proprietary data. You can shape and repackage this data into valuable content in the form of trend forecasting, industry insights, market research reports, case studies, and more. Plus, you can use this content (which we call data journalism) to attract the attention of some pretty major news outlets. Watch to see how we’ve replicated this strategy with successful results time and again:

Why webinars still win in 2022

Ah, webinars. They elicit a wide range of feelings across the board. We get it: Zoom fatigue is real. But we’ve been able to achieve great triumphs with webinars recently, and we’re here to make the case for why webinars are here to stay (even as in-person events are coming back). Some of the biggest reasons include short time to results, low cost to execute, high audience demand for useful content, and high ROI. Watch this next video for a deeper dive into the specifics:

How to score high ROI from low-cost B2B email marketing

Everybody loves getting hundreds of marketing messages to their inbox per day, right? Of course not — but there’s a big difference between spamming your prospects with salesy content and providing them with real value. If that sounds easier said than done, don’t worry. We’ve spent lots of time mastering and refining email marketing best practices so you don’t have to. All that’s left for you to do is create a killer email using the domain and industry knowledge your founding team already has. This next video details our favorite type of email to send and why it works across any industry: 

The bottom line

No matter how new your startup is, there are reliable and replicable marketing tactics for making the most out of resources you already have at your disposal. From packaging proprietary data into alluring insights to low cost, high ROI webinars and email marketing, there are so many ways to get started building your marketing machine — today.

Talia is a Marketing Manager at Blue Seedling. She can be found cooking up a storm in the kitchen and listening to her favorite musicals on repeat.

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