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WEBINAR: Seizing Fintech’s Moment: Selling to US Fintech & Finserv in 2022

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Fintech is having a moment, but sustaining this unprecedented growth in volatile times requires tenacity, creativity, and cutting-edge Sales and Marketing strategies.

We hosted a webinar to share a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to sell to (and partner with) US fintech and finserv organizations in 2022. We were delighted to be joined by two fintech industry experts: Lauren Crossett (CRO, Pinwheel) and Sheila Monroe (former CEO at TrueAccord Corp and Managing Director at Barclays). 

Check out the videos below to learn our panel’s top strategies for building a strong marketing and sales foundation for your fintech in 2022 (and beyond). 

Fintech is FOMO: Staying Where the Action is in 2022 

Fintech is a small world, after all. In fintech even more than in other verticals, the power of your startup often comes down to the power of your network—and how much this network is willing to advocate for you. Being at the right place at the right time can ensure you don’t miss out on important opportunities to grow your network (and your business.)  

In this video, Lauren Crossett and Sheila Monroe share their top strategies for building and nourishing your network at events, conferences, and via one-on-one meetings. They also share their insights on how to build buzz around your fintech in its early stages—without a huge investment in conference sponsorships or aggressive brand marketing.

The Power of Partnerships

When implemented strategically, partnerships can be a force multiplier for even early-stage fintechs. In this segment, our panel shares a powerful framework for creating partnerships that can lead to significant industry buzz—and increased revenue. 

For more advice on building strong partnerships, check out our tried-and-true guidelines, as well as some tips for avoiding common pitfalls.

Webinars: The Gift That Keeps on Giving You Sales Opportunities

In this video, our panel gets even more tactical — telling the story of one wildly successful fintech webinar and sharing a step-by-step guide for duplicating this success at your startup.

Want our full guide to creating webinars that make an impact? Check out our full guide here.

Dos & Don’ts of Pitching to US Fintech & Finserv

We rounded out the session with a lightning round of dos and don’ts for pitching to US fintech and finserv organizations. Lauren and Sheila share their quick tips for making your pitch snappy, memorable, and focused on your audience’s goals and needs.

The bottom line

The fintech ecosystem is vibrant, impactful, and more crowded than ever. To stand out in this landscape, fintechs must get aggressive about building a strong network of advocates, creating valuable partnerships, and building buzzworthy campaigns that deliver real value to their audience.     

Lauren is Blue Seedling's Director of Marketing. She is obsessed with all things content: from blog posts and podcasts to 15-second dance videos.

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