WORKSHOP: Cutting Through the Noise: Selling to Retail and E-commerce Marketing Leaders

Sep 02nd, 2020
By Lauren Glover

MarTech is one of the fastest-growing sectors of B2B technology, and the retail marketer is one of the most coveted buyer personas in SaaS sales. The most recent tally suggests that there are now over 8,000 MarTech vendors trying to capture marketers’ attention – and budgets.

How do you stand out in this crowded playing field? Join a panel of retail and e-commerce industry leaders for a discussion of how to win with this persona – including how to tailor your pitch for COVID, pricing best practices, and the do’s and don’ts of marketing and selling to retail leaders.

Participants will walk away with pragmatic guidance that will help them compete more effectively with retail marketing leaders. The workshop will also feature live Q&A, polls, and interaction between speakers and participants.


  • Nick Lamothe, Chief Marketing Officer, Legends (Formerly at Reebok)
  • Megan Kohout, Vice President of Ecommerce & Customer Analytics, Kendra Scott (Formerly at Club Monaco, Amazon, and Ann Taylor)
  • Jordan Elkind, Managing Director, Blue Seedling (Formerly at Amperity and Custora)

This workshop is invite-only. Please email for registration details.

About Blue Seedling

Blue Seedling works with Israeli B2B startups as a plug & play marketing team or as a complement to existing marketing capabilities. We’re “full-stack marketers” across all marketing activities: messaging and positioning, website design, sales enablement, marketing planning and budgeting, running marketing programs (webinars, content, PR, events & conferences, prospecting), generating sales opportunities, and recruiting marketing talent.

Our remote team and network include marketing managers, marketing strategy experts, copywriters, graphic design partners, a website development agency, PR agency partners, a Facebook / Google advertising expert, and a 15-person remote team.

About The Author

Lauren is Blue Seedling's Director of Marketing. She is obsessed with all things content: from blog posts and podcasts to 15-second dance videos.
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