Creating an industry holiday to win their category: Zero Networks and Blue Seedling

Zero Networks, an Israeli startup that helps businesses protect their networks with automated, agentless, MFA-based microsegmentation, cemented their position as leaders in their category with a unique and creative demand generation campaign: the industry holiday.

Cybersecurity is a crowded space, and microsegmentation has historically had the reputation of being an empty buzzword that’s not realistically achievable at scale or at cost. However, Zero Networks made scalable, affordable microsegmentation a reality, and collaborated with the Blue Seedling team to make sure that security leaders knew it. Realizing the need to think outside the box and be extra creative, the Blue Seedling team created a brand new holiday that would feature Zero Networks as the authority in the migrosegmentation category.

With the goal set for October 6th (because 10−6 = μ or ‘micro’ 🙂), the Blue Seedling team only had six weeks to launch Microsegmentation Day, including an integrated multi-channel demand generation campaign. In that time, the team planned and brought to life a dedicated micro-site, a promo video, email marketing, PR, social media posts, and a company-wide party complete with pizza “segments” and microsegmentation-themed cocktails.

The results

Microsegmentation Day was a massive success that positioned Zero Networks as the category owner of microsegmentation. In the weeks that followed the holiday, the team was flooded with new leads and scheduled dozens of qualified demos. 

Read the full case study to learn more about how Blue Seedling built a brand new holiday with Zero Networks to help them win their category.

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Esther is a Marketing Manager at Blue Seedling. She is also a serial traveler, self-proclaimed foodie, and list addict.

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