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The Blue Seedling team helped us tremendously with our marketing strategy and execution on all fronts, including leading the launch of our product with great success. They’re an invaluable asset for every B2B company.
Efrat Rapoport
Co-Founder & CEO, Bonobo

Israeli startup Bonobo.ai, founded in 2017, pioneered a unique artificial intelligence (AI) technology that helps enterprises serve their customers better by analyzing unstructured voice and chat interactions.rnrnBut in a saturated and hype-filled landscape, they needed a differentiated path to bring their product to market. Bonobo partnered with Blue Seedling to define their personas and positioning, build a killer launch campaign, and hack their way to a repeatable demand generation strategy.

A Promising Concept

rnIsraeli startup Bonobo.ai was founded in 2017 with a simple mission: to use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve how businesses interact with their customers.rnrnBonobo enjoyed unique IP, high-profile investors, and a promising group of early design partners. But the team was still pre-revenue and didn’t yet have a launch strategy.rnrnWhat market segment should they go after? How would a startup from Tel Aviv make a dent in the crowded, hype-filled global market for AI?rnrnThe Blue Seedling team knew that working with Bonobo would require an approach that spanned strategy to execution.

From Strategy to Nuts and Bolts

rnBlue Seedling began by staging a go-to-market workshop with the Bonobo leadership team. Bonobo’s leaders came from a diverse set of backgrounds and had divergent ideas about the company’s direction. But through an intensive, participatory design thinking workshop (read more on our approach here), the group aligned on core elements of Bonobo’s strategy:rn

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  • Positioning and messaging
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  • Personas
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  • Pillars of brand identity
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  • Key use cases
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rnArmed with a go-to-market strategy, Blue Seedling laid the foundation for launching the startup. The team developed the specs and content for Bonobo’s website, and worked with a design and development team to launch the site. And Blue Seedling generated all blog content and sales collateral the team would need in order to educate and engage prospects.rnrnNext, the Blue Seedling team staged Bonobo’s launch. Through strategic packaging and pitching of the story (and without using an external – and expensive – PR agency!), the team scored coverage in both the Israeli and US markets (including coverage in TechCrunch).rnrnFinally, Blue Seedling turned its attention to creating a high-performing demand generation machine for Bonobo. By leveraging content hacking tactics (like a survey of customer experience leaders already in the database) alongside webinars and events, Blue Seedling built a robust and repeatable sales pipeline in months.

“This is another wonderful option for placing an assistive quote to help user skim through the article.”rn

A New Beginning

rnWhile Bonobo did not set out in search of an exit strategy, the company’s rapid success led to unexpected opportunities. In May 2019, the company was acquired by Salesforce. Bonobo’s IP is now the engine powering Einstein Voice.

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